The Waiting Place

To wait, to be held up in a place in space and time, because that moment is not yours to give but awaits the arrival of something – a letter, a form of travel or the decision by another to come to meet with you. You may have to travel yet further to meet them. Waiting spaces are transitional spaces where sometimes we must be. When we are in these places they can feel uncomfortable and have a sense of the unfamiliar. These spaces provide us with a minimum of what we are familiar with, there is something not quite complete about them as if no one can quite finish it. Why spend so much time making the place comfortable because we are only in the waiting place temporarily. Though it could inadvertently become a lifetime.

We sometimes feel lost in these spaces and yearn for another place to be. As long as we wait, or have to wait there is nothing else we can do. We can not move on from this place until what we are waiting for arrives. These places are not spaces we are in voluntarily, we are in them by virtue of the road we have taken, or that given to us by others. In the waiting places we are limited in what we can do. If we are lucky, we may be able to eat and drink or sleep in them, or pass the time with other persons, or find some other forms of distraction or amusement. We know these spaces well because we have spent much time in them. Much of the time these spaces are created for us, to be found at the entrances of buildings, in airports, or in bus stations.

These places in our physical world represent spaces inside ourselves, there are waiting rooms where we must be inside ourselves in different ways at different times. Much of the time we are in these spaces alone. What is your waiting room like? How do you wait? How does it feel for you to wait? In life there are many times when we will be in these places, as often inside as outside ourselves. Sometimes the arrival of something important, that may radically alter the path, or connect us up with another important part of it will make the place of waiting even more difficult for us to be in. We can be in them in different ways. The place of waiting is determined by the arrival of something, which can only come when it is ready to arrive.


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