Give the Word

I give YOU my word.

I give my word so that you may take it as another. This word I give is precious and comes with a promise. The promise is in the word, because the word is in my being. When I give my word, to you, you may do with it as you please. I give and you may or may not receive.

To send a message, to be a messenger is to hold a difficult task. Many of us are just messengers, carrying meanings from one place to another. Suited up for the journey, in our garb, with horse at hand. Don’t shoot the messenger! Because the messenger never gives their word but only the word of the other(s).

When I come before you, in my being, I can give my word to you as it really is. It does not have to go to see you in disguise. It is not a word to be deleted or withdrawn. It can not be erased. The deleting of the words come from fear and the pain. Because of this the word we send through the messengers are just echoes.

To give the word is to come from the whole place, and within it carries the promise. But can the word be without someone to receive it? If there was never meant to be a receiver, there would not be the word to give.


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