The Spark

You can’t really explain it.
It just happens.
Two people come in relation.
They come into each others’ orbit, proximity, cosmic realm and it happens….
…The Spark!!!
You feel like you know them, you’ve met them before.
Maybe you knew each other in a past life.
Ancient Rome perhaps!
It doesn’t happen very often, if only there was a formula for The Spark!
What might this formula be?
It might be two parts water, two parts air, two parts fire and two parts earth.
Eight parts in total – with a sprinkle of magnetism.
But there is no formula, you can’t synthetically create The Spark!
Though many try and try and try.
You might add other chemicals, go to a different place, look at something this way rather than that and keep working on…
…multiplying the chances. “1x many encounters = The Spark”
You could draw on science or alchemy but alas.
In the meeting, it either Sparks or it doesn’t!


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