Futurecamp at Wysing: The Way We Act Now

I will be presenting at Futurecamp at Wysing Arts Centre on Saturday 14th June 2014.

Watch the proceedings here (comments and reflections to come soon).

More information.

Digital Social Networking:  A Collective Out of Body Experience

Abstract:  My talk will  explore the rise of digital social networking as a dissociative practice; in that studies of social networking are focused on what people say is happening, rather than what is happening when people interact via machines. Drawing on the analogy with the medieval messenger, I will explore how messaging via machines becomes an important way to express different parts of the self.

More details below:

The first event in our Futurecamp series includes other contributions from Dr Stefana Broadbent, Jesse Darling, Cécile B Evans, Shana Moulton, Rachel Reupke, D, Erica Scourti and Frances Stark

Premise of the event:

Behaviour and human interactions have been radically affected and changed by the impact of the digital and Internet revolutions – causing dramatic changes that we are still living through.

The pleasure of our networked lives is played out publicly via social networks of image and text, and the immediate access to information and entertainment this enables is now considered essential.

However, the anxiety caused by living in this network of constant communication mean many of us work all hours of the day via smart phones and tablets. Alongside this, our emotions are now instrumentalised via technology and the virtual world and we experience relationships and emotions through a screen.


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