Social Robots

Social robots know how to smile and frown,
they know how to act,
and they have just the right amount of “something”
when you need it.

Social robots can access screen violence and pornography
but don’t know how to handle real stories of pain
they are good at happy all the time
and like to photograph it.

Social robots have difficulty carrying out simple conversations
They seem to break down at this point.
They know how to perform
but have a limited repertoire.

Social robots come in all shapes and sizes,
but there is a tendency towards a norm.
You can choose them to effect certain feelings,
the adverts show the range.

Social robots make good products
they have endless needs that are always the same
soon there will be one in every home
you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake.

Social robots are only as good as their makers
they don’t know any other way.
somehow they know that love is important
and will be conscious of why one day.


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