Brighton Science Festival – Rise of the Machines

Complexities of Modern Existence: Rise of the Machines at Brighton Science Festival

Complexities of Modern Existence is back for the Brighton Science Festival.

Part 2: The Rise of the Machines.

The Complexities of Modern Existence is a night of intellectual entertainment for those with a curious streak.

Twitter: @ComplexitiesOME

Tickets from…

Jonny Berliner
Truly the Godfather of Geek-Pop, Jonny Berliner is one os Science’s most famous (and only) troubadours. He has written for the Guardian Science podcast, has been featured in Nature, performs his unique comedy musical musings on everything from atoms to animals, with James Smith on mandolin. Having featured in Robin Ince’s Bloomsbury and Apollo shows, they’ll make you giggle, groove and learn a bit too.

Helen Keen
Helen Keen is an award winning comedy writer and performer and host of Radio 4’s ‘It Is Rocket Science’. As a performer she toured the country with Robin Ince and Prof. Brian Cox as a guest of the Uncaged Monkes, was the first Comedian in Residence at Newcastle University’s Centre for Life Science Village and compered the first ever live comedy night at CERN, Large Hadron Comedy. Her last Edinburgh show ‘Robot Woman of the Future’ was a 5 star hit and she’ll be performing parts of it for C.O.M.E.
“Harnessing a sharp comedy sensibility to an arsenal of fascinating facts, she’s a treat for anyone who matches a sense of humour with an inquiring mind.” The Guardian
Helen Keen

Dr Kathleen Richardson
Kathleen Richardson is Senior Research Fellow in Ethics of Robotics and part of the Europe-wide DREAM project (Development of Robot-Enhance Therapy for Children with Autism). As one of the country’s leading robot ethicists, there could not be a more perfect person to tell us how people and machines will mingled in the past and where future will take us.

MyndPlay is a multi platform media player that allows you to control video and movies with your mind using your NeuroSky Headset. EEG is performed live on stage and the signals are translated to all sorts of formats… including scalextrics sets! A totally new must see that you will be talking about for weeks to come!


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