Making Others: The Human in the Ethics of Robotics

Department of Computer Science,
Artificial Models of Natural Intelligence research group,
The University of Bath
Thursday 5th March 2015, 1WN 3.24, 1:15pm

Making Others: The Human in the Ethics of Robotics

This talk will investigate the anthropology of making humans and robots and bring these two ways of making together to explore what it means to be human. Are humans carrying out more than a mechanical exchange of services when they interact with each other? As humanoid robots are socially designed platforms inspired by existing human relational practices, what is the traffic that flows from human to robot and back to the human?

Robotic scientists imagine robots in the role of the other. If humans make humans (as children and adults) and technologists are making robots (mechanical humans), what kinds of humans are made as a result of robotic interactions? Are robotic machines just mimicking the roles the humans already play in relational encounters?

The talk will explore those areas where robots are imagined to act as alternatives to humans, in the service industry, sex-work and for human attachment difficulties.


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