Robot Apocalypse Now… or Never?

University of Warwick’s Festival of the Imagination
Robot Apocalypse Now… or Never?
Will developments in Robotics and AI result in the destruction of humanity?

Decades ago, Asimov warned of the dangers of unthinkingly succumbing to what he called the “Frankenstein Complex” and wrote his robot stories to help us do just that. Robots and non-human intelligences are already an indivisible component of everyday life.

More recently, the reaction by the press and the public to the recent interventions by Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking about the dangers of AI highlights the extent to which the subject is becoming one of wider societal concern, and how this subject needs to be open up to urgent and wide debate.

The continued development and improvement of AI is inevitable and inexorable. Presented by Colin Williams, this debate will address the motion; “This house believes that if AI and robotics is to continue along its present course, current developments will result in the inevitable destruction or subjugation of humanity”

Fri 16 Oct 2015 6.15pm
Venue: Cinema
Tickets: £5


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